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I was born on November 5th (2002) in Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently studying Graphic Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. When I was a little girl, I viewed life as a fairytale. In my eyes, people were heroes, princesses, villains, etc. As we grow up, we drift away from our fantasies and take off our rose-colored glasses. I didn't want to leave them behind. Painting everything going on inside my head became my way of holding on to my wonderland. All of my pieces are connected. They tell my story. Each piece derives from an experience, an observation, a series of different personalities, and a lesson learned. I transfer my most authentic thoughts to the canvas. As a result, a finished piece gives me a brand new perspective. My use of texture, movement, videography, music, and layers reflect my passion for all areas of art and design. Just as with the ever-changing reality of our lives, my visual language is in constant progress. Therefore, it always remains a bit raw and unpolished, which is what makes it credible and pure. 

- Nicole Mano


-   Lucca  - 2024  - Istanbul, Turkey

-   FOUR SEASONS HOTEL ISTANBUL AT THE BOSPHORUS, Gama Gallery - 2024 - Istanbul, Turkey

-   BEYOND BORDERS II  Exhibition - 2022, MIART Gallery - London, England

-  Context Art Miami - 2021, Gama Gallery - Miami, USA 

-  BAAF - 2022, Gama Gallery - Bodrum, Turkey

-  Leon Gallery Opening Exhibition - 2022 - Çeşme, Turkey

-  IAAF - 2021, Gama Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

-  BAAF - 2021, Gama Gallery -  Bodrum, Turkey

-  Personal Art Exhibition at Açı Schools - 2020 -  Istanbul, Turkey

-  Personal Art Exhibition at Açı Schools - 2019 -  Istanbul, Turkey

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