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a celebration of experimental and abstract animation in 20th-century film

Our aim is to bring together a carefully curated selection of artists who have pushed the boundaries of film and animation

working at the fringes of the medium to explore new techniques, processes, and forms of storytelling. The festival will showcase a range of extended film and camera techniques, experimental film processing, non-linear narratives, and abstract imagery. Through a diverse selection of screenings, talks, and workshops, the See-Hear Festival invites audiences to immerse themselves in the groundbreaking works of these artists and to engage with the rich history of experimental animation in cinema.Over the course of the weekend, the festival will highlight the work of artists from across the globe, presenting a wide range of styles and approaches to experimental animation. From the early pioneers of the medium, such as Norman McLaren and Len Lye, to contemporary artists working at the cutting edge of animation and moving image, the See-Hear Festival will offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of experimental animation and its continued relevance in contemporary filmmaking. With a focus on extended techniques, non-linear narratives, and abstract imagery, the festival will challenge audiences to think differently about animation and film, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of the medium in new and exciting ways.

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